3D Scanning services

We scan people, objects and scenery using Photogrammetry and Radiance Field Gaussian Splatting technologies for use embedded in your business website or to create a private 3D gallery.

We can provide services at customer’s location or in our offices in Osaka and Kyoto. We also can create 3D models from customers video or pictures captures.

Our equipment include professional grade Nikon camera and lens, 360 Ricoh Theta Z1 and 60 x Sony Cameras Array.

We highly recommend Gaussian Splatting for very realistic rendering of transparent, thin or shiny models and for all scenery.

Below are some examples of our work:

Scene scan with Gaussian Splatting

Person scanning with Gaussian Splatting

Object scanning with Gaussian Splatting

Photogrammetry can also be used for simple
model with easy to capture material: