Body Scan Plan:

Try the AR option on mobile phone to see this model in front of you!

We scan people for celebration such as coming of age, graduation, birth, marriage.

We also scan Cosplay, Role Game Players and other artistic work such as painting on body and tattoo.

Scan can be up to 3 person together in the standard configuration, we can also prepare custom setup for larger group.

We also provide a special Pet scan Plan service alone or with their master.

Scan Plan timing consists of:

  • Shooting of up to three poses (15 minutes)
  • Selection and Preparation of the 3D models (15 minutes each)
  • Uploading on server
  • Link sent to the customer’s e-mail or postcard with QRCode to open the 3D model in AR using a mobile phone’s camera.
  • Optionally we also offer 3d printed model.

(in our studio or scanning onsite possible for group)

Object/Location Scan Plan:

We scan objects such as Kimono, apparel, goods, monuments and buildings.

We build Metaverse AR experience as well as VR and 3D viewable on screen on PC, tablet or Smartphone .

Our high end scans can be used as main subject for game integration while we also offer standard quality scan to be used for metaverse world creators and website decoration.

We also provide 360 Matterport capture service.

Scan service consists of:

  • Standard and High Quality scanning service with data package available in secured cloud.
  • Custom Metaverse experience creation project.
  • Special order for Game, Artistic and Historical Event, Museum, University, Tourism Office.
  • Scanning in our studio or scanning onsite.
  • We also offer 3D Scanner booth rental service and custom equipment can be made for purchase.