3D Scanning services

We scan people, objects and locations in Gaussian Splatting and Photogrammetry all over Japan onsite or in our 3D studio.

Avatar Digital twin

We create your realistic animated Digital Twin to use in the Metaverse.

AR name card and advertisement

We create augmented cards and flyers using AR and 3D.

3D in e-commerce Website

We integrate 3D in your e-commerce website for your customers to enjoy realistic representation of your products .

About Koto3D

Koto3D was born in 2020 from the ashes of TMMS, our former hardware research program established in 2006 in Kyoto, embracing the change to the Digital world and entering the Metaverse.

We started studying VR headset and Photogrammetry capabilities using platform such as Unity and Unreal to create contents accessible from the internet during lockdown. We also researched 360 and AR possible applications. Thru two years of trial and error, projects and networking we have now a great service offer to address the Metaverse.

High Quality scan for games

In 2021 we participated in “Puzzling Places” VR game by providing very high quality digital material for the 3D model of the kimono featured in this fantastic 3D puzzle game available for Meta Quest3 , PlayStation VR2 and Apple Vision Pro.

Metaverse experience for Kyotographie

In 2020 we developed a digital twin of Kyotographie/BMW event in a famous Machiya of Kyoto. Koto3D name was still TMMS at that time.

Do you want to see 3D ?

Come and check Koto3D open gallery on Sketchfab

Kimono special page


Example of scan from our homemade full body scanner.