Part 1 Select USA and National Harbor

I would like to thank “Innovators Path” initiative organisers Soraya Umewaka and Farid Ben Amor for this fantastic opportunity. I was invited by the USA government to attend Select USA and participate in IVLP program to have a chance to meet all states representatives and discover particularly Washington DC and Chicago. Many thanks to all USA taxpayers who contributed to this trip as well as all the officials, NPO members and private contractors who supported us (I was with 4 other Kansai startup representatives).

A special thank to Connie and Bill who have taken great care of us and supported us 24/7.

The trip started in Washington DC National Harbor with the participation to Select USA.

Son and grandson to army men I could not go to National Harbor without paying respect to the women and men who protect peace with their lives.

Second stop, Henry Ford the symbol of American industry for me.

And now to Gaylord Convention Center to meet all States representatives and showcase Koto3D and SimulumiS !!

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