Welcome to SimulumiS !

Examples of scanning projects currently underway :

Project Kyoto Japan

Project National Harbor (Washington DC)


Koto3D(MG Koto 合同会社)は、京都および関西で展開している革新的なAI 3Dスキャン事業です。私たちは、高度なテクノロジーを駆使し、様々な産業やビジネスにおいて3Dスキャンのソリューションを提供しています。





Introduction to Koto3D and SimulumiS 3D scanning and Metaverse activities

Koto3D (MG Koto G.K.) is an innovative AI 3D scanning business operating in Kyoto and Kansai. We use advanced technology to provide 3D scanning solutions for various industries and businesses.

SimulumiS, on the other hand, is a project co-created with Sababa K.K. to build a Metaverse-specific 3D scanning, gaming and social platform. SimulumiS for mobile, computer and VR headsets is focused on delivering immersive experiences and has innovative activities in areas such as art, entertainment, advertising and tourism.

Our goal is to spread and promote the beautiful culture and characteristics of Kyoto through our activities in Japan and around the world. The activities of Koto3D and Simulumis aim to open up a new future where traditional industries and the latest technology are fused.

We sincerely welcome any interested parties to cooperate with us. Thank you very much.

Contact us at svo(at)koto3d.com